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Quality timber garden patio decking kits from £219 including VAT and delievery for a 3m x 2.2m & the DIYdeals "Irrigatia" solar automatic watering systems - prices from £56.95 including VAT and postage
Why install an "Irrigatia" automatic drip watering system?
  • Specimen plants and trees cost a lot of money and you need to ensure proper establishment and regular drip watering without wasting rainwater.
  • The climate is becoming more variable and more extreme - 2012 had a March/April drought for 5 weeks and a hosepipe ban and caused a lot of plants to die through lack of automatic drip watering.
The answer is to install an automatic drip watering system which waters less when it is overcast and raining, reducing the risk of flooding and wasting water, and automatically waters more when it is sunny.

DIYdeals has put together 7 versions of the "Irrigatia" pump kits, which use only rainwater and the power of the sun, so that they can be used for hanging baskets, planters, in greenhouses & poly-tunnels, raised beds and fruit trees on allotments, and in gardens for tree & key plant establishment - no mains water or electric required – the more sun – the more watering.

Automatic watering
It will not forget to automatically water when you go away – a 200 litre water butt will last approx. 3 sunny weeks. Click here for more info.

Using only stored rainwater the Irrigatia automatic watering kits do not come under any hosepipe bans in the UK

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Why Decking?
Timber decking is a relatively new "lifestyle" concept for the UK changing the garden into an outside room - extending the living space of a building – outdoors. Decking is highly flexible – and provides extra social space that’s ideal for children playing, dining, entertaining, or just simply relaxing. Whatever the reasons for creating a deck, it’s one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home.
DIYdeals raised decking harnesses the potential of sloping, undulating or uneven garden terrain. And additionally, elevated or split level decks can be created on level ground to create new dimensions to your garden, giving it a unique look.
The benefits of timber decking for landscaping structures compared to other traditional hard terraces, or patios :
  • Gives a natural appeal in harmony with your garden and nature
  • Creates warmth and ambience for late summer evenings
  • Conceals unsightly necessities such as inspection covers and drains
  • Is easily modified or extended
  • Reduces excavation and ground work preparation
  • Provides a comfortable surface for walking, sitting and even lying on
Timber decking
Why DIYdeals timber decking ?
  • Deckboards come in 3m, 4m & 5m lengths and are finely ribbed on one side to give an even better slip resistance
  • The joists are planed so cover boards are not required and are a chunky 45mmx 95mm or 45mm x 145mm.
  • Pressure Treated for long life. All timber (decking, joists, posts, balustrade and pergola) have been pressure treated with a liquid, chromium-free wood preservative salt based on inorganic copper and boron compounds (Tanalith E or equivalent) effective for 15 years
Timber decking
Which deck do I need ?
DIYdeals provides a wide range of complete quality decking kits :
  • Ground deck kits with 45mm x 95mm (2 inch x 4 inch) planed joists which go directly onto flat ground. Click here for more info.
    Using less than 4 inch can cause the joists to bend upwards as the surface dries whilst still wet underneath
  • Raised deck kits with 45mm x 145mm (2 inch x 6 inch) planed joists which go onto sloping or uneven ground. Click here for more info.
    All raised decks can be supplied with optional metal post anchors which makes fitting easier and gives a 25 year life to the timber.
  • Ground deck kits with 45mm x 145mm (2 inch x 6 inch) planed joists which go directly onto flat ground where the extra 2 inch height is required when stepping down from the house to the deck and deck kits with pergola are available from the "decks" link above.
  • Balustrade kits for both the ground and raised decks and individual components are available from the "other products" link above
  • Assembly Instructions are also available ... click the "Assembly" tab at the top of this page
Ordering and Prices
Delivery and VAT is included in all the decking kit prices and if Balustrade, Pergolas or extra timber is ordered there will be no extra delivery charge if supplied with any deck kit - For Balustrade and Timber ordered from the Prices link above without a decking kit the delivery charge will be £50 on all orders to mainland England (excluding Devon, west of Exeter & Cornwall), Wales and Scotland up to the M8 corridor including Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Delivery usually takes from 1 to 10 working days. Southern Scotland & South West Wales may be up to 3 weeks, but for most of the season we manage within 1 to 10 working days.

Payments online accepted via Worldpay or by phone :  

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The bulk timber is stored at a transport warehouse in Stockport

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